Our Services

SD Digitech media is purely Transparent & Premium Display Advertisement Network that combines innovative ad serving technology and Platform offering 360* Digital Marketing through AI / ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning) driven programmatic DSP/SSP(Demand Side / Supply Side Platform) with engaging creative to lift brand performance metrics. We perform in all extent of the digital advertising field and provide various services under Display, Performance, Programmatic, Mobile Advertising, Influencer and social media marketing.

Model: CPM, CPC/CPV, Mailer Solutions. Genres: Business, News, Finance, Entertainment, Sports, Women, Shopping, Auto, Communication, Technology, B2b, Gaming/Kids, Regional, Youth, Travel, Lifestyle.

Performance Marketing

In general, Performance Marketing is a growing marketing strategy for ecommerce brand, merchants and retailers alike. Model:- CPL, CPA, CPS Validation parameters: - Reduced Junk, Confirmed Sales.

We offer solutions for: CPI /CPR/ CPA, Cost per View and Cost per Clicks. We partner with companies and support them in their Mobile User Acquisitions through various play stores (Google Play, iTunes).

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising and it exists in a wide range of digital channels, including display, mobile, video and social.

Influencer marketing works because of the high amount of trust that social influencers have built up with their following, and recommendations from them serve as a form of social proof to your brand’s potential customers.

Social media marketing is one of the best marketing around internet because most of audience are using social media and it's leads to generate sales and which directly indicates to brand image and there services in market comparing to others competitors.